Director Level Sales
15+ years of
sales experience at
the individual contributor
and Director level

 Senior Level Sales
8+ years of
sales experience

 Marketing Director
10+ years of
marketing and business
development experience

 CEO/VP Level
Executive-level experience in product differentiation, global strategy and business unit creation, as well as all other elements of strategic positioning.

Our clients are large and small software companies that need to generate revenue with new products or augment existing ones


History is littered with companies that had great products and failed because no one knew
about them - and high technology is no different. Throwing money at ideas that
don't add value or differentiate your company is almost as bad as doing nothing. P.R. firms
can be quite expensive, and for a small company they will often assign someone who may know
little about your industry. At ION, our approach to marketing resources is the same as sales.
We want to bring you outstanding levels of talent and experience while keeping your capital
expenses low.

Business Development

For smaller companies, approaching a big player through ordinary channels is likely to be a
dead-end if you reach the wrong "gatekeeper." Mergers, alliances, partnerships and endorsements
are all key components in the success of your company. ION has people who have held senior
management positions in companies of many different sizes and we can help you navigate the mazes
of relationships and personalities. If you're unsure about a Business Development plan, we can
help you create and implement it.


For some of our clients, we augment an existing sales force by covering geographies or
segments alongside their employees. For other clients, they use our sales force exclusively.
Your company may be in-between. If so, just tell us and we'll make a plan. It may be that
you need a revenue stream right away while you hire the perfect sales force. We can help
with that also. As experienced industry veterans we can help you create a metric for what
a successful salesperson will be. We can even help you hire and train them. Sure, that
means we are bringing in our replacements but good things happen if you help make companies
successful and we always want to be a part of every success story we can.

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