Director Level Sales
15+ years of
sales experience at
the individual contributor
and Director level

 Senior Level Sales
8+ years of
sales experience

 Marketing Director
10+ years of
marketing and business
development experience

 CEO/VP Level
Executive-level experience in product differentiation, global strategy and business unit creation, as well as all other elements of strategic positioning.

Our clients are large and small software companies that need to generate revenue with new products or augment existing ones


For most of our clients, sales and sales management is not their core competency,
technology is. Modern business thinking stipulates that if it's not your core competency
you should contract it out, but sales revenue is the life-blood of any business and too
important to risk on a general company that only does telemarketing or a distributor who
sells lots of products in many different fields. That is where ION can help.

ION has the experience you need and we tailor our approach to your business; we don't try
to convince you to use our approach. We make available the kind of sales and marketing
you want while staying on budget. There are other scenarios where you may only need
short-term help. They include:

* Geographies that don't merit a full-time person but would be a distraction for your
current sales force

* Illness or accident involving a member of your sales force
* Maternity or other medical leave
* Sabbaticals


We work for you. We have your business cards, we answer the phone with your company name
and we use your company email. Each week you will receive an activity sheet showing what
we did and how we did it. Unlike distributors, we aren't going to just work on the easiest
product to sell. You get to choose how much work we do for you and, since we are paid for
results, you can bet we get results.


At ION we begin by meeting with you to discuss exactly how we can help. For some companies,
that means primarily business development and at other companies it means a direct sales or
marketing effort. Our approach is completely customized to your product, your territory and
your company. We only use sales and marketing people who are localized to the market you want
to reach so you don't have to worry about time zones or understanding how to work with various
government agencies. The only way your customers will know you outsourced your sales effort
is if you tell them.

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