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Large or small business - choose the plan that's right for you.

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ION has former directors, vice-presidents and CEOs with sales, business development and marketing experience plus ...

"As a start-up we began using ION as our sales channel because it was
hard to find high-level salespeople. Based on that success, we are ready
to hire our in-house sales force and ION is helping us with that also. No
one ever knew we had outsourced"

- CEO of a pre-IPO EDA company

What We Do

ION lowers your capital expenses because we only charge a small retainer plus a standard
commission on sales. Unlike a distributor, we are dedicated to your product line. You don't
have to fill out paperwork, pay taxes, hire a personnel department or incur substantial salaries -
and you only pay for results.

Our clients are large and small software companies that need to generate revenue with new products or augment existing ones

 We've proven it.

You can outsource your sales force without going overseas


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